GLAZED EXPRESSION is a pottery decoration and making  destination. We also have a beautiful social creative space and fully equipped pottery throwing studio.

Situated in the  historical  west Cornish town of Helston. there is ample car parking close at hand.

Glazed Expression is the perfect stop off for anyone wishing to  immerse them selves in any of the creative experiences available. 

The space at Glazed Expression  is comfortable and welcoming to  get creative, and to view the arts and crafts for sale, offering the perfect space for individuals or groups to get creative with all things clay.

We want  to   invite  you  to  come  to this inclusive, homely and inspirational environment to enjoy making  your  best memories a reality. 

In addition to the social creative space, Glazed Expression has a working ceramic studio. Ady Barker BA (hons) is resident artist and creative director. He  creates beautiful hand thrown ceramics, that can be purchased from the gallery. He also provides  one to one or group  classes  on the potters wheel that can be easily booked through this site or in person.   

Our story

Our journey with 'Glazed Expression' started in March 2019, after an eventful journey from our home town of Cirencester, we came to view 45 Meneage Street. We instantly fell in love with the ancient, unloved property, the town of Helston and the surrounding beaches and countryside.  

Our heads told us to be sensible with spending projections and our visions of what we would like to create. Our ideal investment would be somewhere where we could work and live. Where we could micro teach and share our passion for creativeness. 

Clay Pot on Pottery Wheel

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 

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In June 2019 we became the proud owners of 'Glazed Expression' and in August 2019 we moved the contents of our three bedroom house into a one bedroom flat  (with the help of a rented garage).

We spent the first six months undoing some of the wrongs in the building with the help of our trusty steed 'Trundle'. Our VWT25 transporter campervan provided us with multiple trips to the local tip and trips to the beach.


Through conversations with Helstonians and reading local history books, we discovered the interior of our shop (removed in the 1980's) was in situ at 'Flambards Victorian Village'. We were facsinated by the whole interior and tried to imagine it inside the shop now. 'Mrs Lugg' certainly holds many memories for the locals of our town. 


Christmas 2019, with the building full of dust and debris, we decided to go all out with our Christmas window.

What a great surprise that we won 3rd prize in the  window competition.

In February 2020 we were shrouded in scaffolding, anticipating a month long window renovation, eventually lasting three months as the pandemic hit and Covid-19 took a grip on the world.


Lockdown 2020 doorstep challenge, still strongly believing we would be open for 'Flora Day'


During lockdown we took on the 'couch to 5K', this is the day we ran non stop from the Fairground car park to the Stables café, without stopping. Bertie did not join us for that one,  his legs aren't what they used to be.

A new (homemade) back courtyard gate meant that 'Amazon' could now find our back door and 'Bertie' would stop escaping.


The pleasure of empty Cornish beaches, nothing but sand, sea and sky.

Glazed Expression goes on an outing. (just across the road in Trengrouse Car Park) . This was our first market after lockdown, we met alot of local people that were keen to find out about us and our shop.


Shop windows after lockdown displaying a variety of ceramics with the theme of 'lockdown'.

Our studio dogs enjoying their windowsill and a bit of attention. From left to right - Bertie, welsh cocker spaniel 11years old - Tally, heinz variety newly adopted 8months old - Chester, sprocker 2 years old (our daughters dog).  We love our dogs and hope you will too. 


The change in our basement, we stripped everything out and replaced the walls and the ceiling with tanking and new plasterboard. A much dryer, warmer, brighter space to work in. 


Our shop interior, now populated with beautiful art, light, bright and homely. With the addition of a customer cloakroom and a kitchenette.


Our shop front, from unloved, black cob webs to light, bright and clean.


Another market, this time just after the second lockdown, it was a beautiful sunny day and again we met a lot of new faces and spread the 'creative' word.

We finally opened our doors 2 weeks before Christmas 2020.


Whilst renovating , inside a wall, we came across a photo of a wedding, curiosity made us put the photo on social media to find out more. We were inundated with responses, the local paper did an article and BBC Cornwall radio did an interview with Tess. Since then, relatives of the people in the picture have come forward and given us a lot more information. We will put our finding on here and in a 'time capsule', so that others can read it in the future.


Happy Christmas from us all xxxx