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About My Moon jars

Finding Inspiration in the borders

 Inspired by the  local coast line , in my adopted home county of Cornwall.  My work is  imbued with  the spirit of the  constantly changing  division between the land and sea. The effect of the changing seasons on the rhythm and movement  of this Cornish coastal environment, give a rich source of inspiration.  Thrown on the wheel with  earthenware  clay, the decoration is gradually built up through successive layers of  brushed slips, stains and oxides,  that are smoothed, marked and scratched, with pebbles and objects found on the shoreline. The process is repeated, until an  evocative exploration of the vivid light and colour imparted by the Cornish coast is infused within the vessel.

Thrown earthenware with slips, stains,  oxides and glaze.


The Story

Much of the work done by Ady Barker at Glazed Expression, involves keeping the gallery workshops stocked with beautiful hand made items for decoration.  Combined with the day to day duties of running the studio and pottery classes, his pursuit of creative exploration can be limited. However, time can always be made at early morning or evening, to explore the rich source of inspiration within the evocative Cornish coastline.

His work has been inspired by the Korean dal-hang-ari Moon jars, often consisting of two hemispherical halves joined in the middle. The vessels have a wider mouth than base, giving the jar a feeling of floating in the air. Within the confines of this spherical 'canvas', he aims to conjure up the spontaneous drama of the coastal environment, this makes the jars take on an almost planetary guise.  The growing collection of vessels alive with the embodiment of the Cornish coast, display a passionate and unmistakeable connection between artist and environment.

This page is dedicated to this exploration, he hopes you enjoy the experience.   


Meet The Moon Jars

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