Anne Frost

Terracotta clay and tin glaze were selected for this body of work. The individual pieces were made on a potters’ wheel using ‘throwing off the hump’ technique. Variation in colour of the clay body was achieved by firing pieces to a range of different temperatures and tin glaze contrasts beautifully with toasty terracotta tones.


As a former Mathematics teacher form, pattern, number and order are of great interest to me. A vessel’s form is determined by the shape it occupies in space. The hands of the potter make that form and the number of different forms which may be made is infinite. Studies of materials have led me to investigate crystalline structures and to appreciate the importance of cohesive and repulsive forces which exist amongst component particles. When elements of a composition were arranged, careful consideration was given to how each individual piece relates both to its nearest neighbours and to its next nearest neighbours. Glaze was applied to accentuate aspects of form and to draw the observer’s gaze through the composition. When resonance exists amongst the elements of a composition it achieves a sense of unity and individual pieces work together to generate rhythm and movement within the design.

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