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Play with Clay

Now available to  create in the gallery at Glazed Expression  
'play with clay' 
Marble Surface
What is included?
  • 500g of white or terracotta clay

  • A selection of tools

  • Advice and guidance from Tess.

  • Select the clay you would like to 'create' with.

  • Select your date and time (we give you a 2 hour time slot)

  • Pay at the gallery when you visit.

  • If you don't live locally we can arrange a postage option for your creations,

What do you do ?
  • Come along to the gallery for a play with clay. You will be provided with 500g of wet clay (white or terracotta) to make whatever you wish (£15)

  • All items must be no thicker than your thumb (large items can be hollow)

  • All appendages must be scored, slipped and smoothed to adhere them to your items. (clay shrinks and will not stay together unless attached well enough)

  • All items must be be removed from mats onto wooden/plaster batts on completion.

  • You will then leave your items with us to bisque fire, (about 1-2 weeks)

  • You must return within a month unless otherwise already arranged (we have limited storage)

  • An added option (£8) we can invite you back to underglaze your creations to then clear glaze and pop back in the kiln. (About 1-2weeks) or you can collect to take home and decorate with your own paints.