Johnathan English

Working in clay , for me, is both a passion and a deeply therapeutic process. Suffering from long term Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after having served as a Paramedic in the Parachute regiment of the French Foreign Legion for six years. During this time I was to see seven tours of active duty in various combat zones.

This installation speaks of this experience, and my various skills both in ceramics and in suturing are used to narrate this. The process of Naked Raku is a brutal process where work drawn from high temperature is subjected to thermal shock and then heavily smoked. The delicate porcelain pieces gleaned from this process have taken on a bonelike feel. These "pupoid" pieces are representational of human forms, male, female, adult, adolescent and child. The red thread which intertwined within and without both connects and pierces each piece almost like bullet holes. Each of these interconnected objects have lustre gold "soul wells" of varying sizes and depths, some shine brightly whilst others may be more tarnished by hardships endured.

The construction of this installation in itself has been a healing process in which I have found a certain solace. One should never underestimate the cathartic values of a lump of clay and a piece of thread!

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