Liam Clayton

Title of work: Spatial Recognition.

Space, we move through it every day but barely consider it as we progress from point A to B. The aim of this work is to stimulate our innate sense for space and through its physical properties; make viewers in a gallery more physically and spatially aware. It is my hope that through this, one can feel more aware of both the space around them and the space that they themselves hold physically whilst moving through an exhibition,

My work is mostly about tackling unseen perceptive qualities and allowing one to be more than visually immersed within an artwork. Every piece is also a learning experience for myself in how to better communicate through these channels.

Through living with this piece, I have learned how much a sense of space can be distorted by time and even this giant black void can become a familiar part of one’s environmental norm. It is the initial and immediate impact of the sense of scale and looming that is the focus and intention of this piece but the texture of its surface and overall form also lend well to different kinds of light and a walk around it can give many points to focus in on.

However you decide to take in this work, quickly or slowly, up close or further away. I hope that it makes you consider the way that you are moving around it.

© 2020 by Glazed Expression  

45 Meneage Street, Helston, Cornwall. TR13 8RB

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