Nathan Barnard

All of these pieces are encompassed by joyfulness and play. They explore colour and textures that are more often than not considered last when people think about ceramic art and craft. I like to bring about a sense of humour with the idea that the individual objects within one composition are in conversation with each other. Through that I like to invite people to create their own narrative around each piece and my work as a whole; whether this is through the connections they make from the forms, the colours or their own emotional and sensorial responses to the work. 


I hand build abstract sculptures combining multiple ceramic processes from plaster casting to throwing. I use the wheel in unconventional ways to carve out clay blocks turning into them rather than throwing outward. I utilise these processes to create a space in which a viewer can connect more deeply with objects and textures that often go overlooked. 


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45 Meneage Street, Helston, Cornwall. TR13 8RB

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