Nick Knight

Pyrographic Artist

My work is a personal journey through the world of Pyrography and Woodcraft; I am self-taught originally started out creating for my own enjoyment using many different materials and methods new and old.

To create my work, I like to disconnect myself from all distractions from the outside world’s worries and issues. Forming a temple of creativity, enabling me to meld with the materials to hand. Sketching out features that compliment and work with the contours and discrepancies of the medium. I work with a cacophony of imagery that is presented to us on a constant stream of both literal and virtual process. I turn the experience into altered pictures with my mind’s eye, often-collaborating opposing ideas into the same picture. Images are often combined with touch, smell or other sensory perceptions, not readily perceived by our recognizable primary sense of sight. This leads to interesting and sometimes challenging imagery. Encouraging forward movement in both myself the artist and the viewer.

The gallery environment encourages the viewer to form a good relationship with the work, before deciding whether to commit it to their personal space. Other platforms for art acquisition seem shallow in comparison, creating a sense of fleeting excitement, with the possibility of creating a sense of disappointment to follow. This is not what I want for my work.

**Pyrography is a term “writing with fire” It is all about applying varying degrees of heat from a poker or specialised wire tipped pen that produce monochromatic, sepia-like hues in subtle values and tones. The process has been practised by a number of cultures including the Egyptians and different Tribes from around the world since the dawn of recorded history.

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