Nigel Edwards

Ceramic Artist

I was bought up on the rural coast of Devon during the time of great social economic and technical change; the 1950’s 60’s and 70’s. We have again reached a seminal moment in the history of man - the threat to the existence of marine life and habitat due to scientific and technical invention of plastics and pollutants. 

My body of work entitled “Autobiographical Coast” considers the time and beauty of the environment where I was raised, using clay bodies and mimetic glazes to convey the raw energy and dynamism of the coast. I have employed various techniques and involved different genres, exploring functional forms through the language of sculpture, to the development of glazes to encourage and engage with thoughts of rural coastlines and marine life. 

  The result is a balance held between two forces, the power of the ocean and man’s relationship and impact on it through geometric and technical interventions. 

Inspiration for "Cuerda Seca Sand and Sea" is taken from several influences: the works of Marianne de Trey and Bryan Newman, the progressive period of the 1960's and 70's; and the coastal regions of Devon and Cornwall.

My investigations have led me to a rewarding aesthetic which speaks of waves in motion through gestural application, reminiscent of abstract expressionism. These functional forms all have a post war sensibility about them, I acknowledge truth to material which imparts the geology and landscapes such as beach giving the sentiment of sea and sand. 

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