A bright sunny morning hello.

What a wonderful first weekend in March it is today? the sun is shining brightly here in Cornwall, children are heading back to school tomorrow morning, and the world seems to be heading towards a bright new Covid free future. we would also like to wish you a 'Gool Peran Lowen'(Happy St Piran's Day)

What has made him so happy I hear you ask? well we have had a bit of a taxing week here at Glazed Expression. So, the arrival of the first weekend and the fact that the sun is shining so brightly is more than enough to put a smile on our faces.

To begin the week, poor old Bertie, our eldest studio dog, who has been suffering badly with his arthritis, now has to be carried up and down the stairs three flights from our flat at the top to the studio at the bottom. He seems to like the attention, but it is hard for us to see him struggle. He has always been such an energetic little thing.

A special treat for our poor boy

We have also had a few family revelations throughout the course of the week, that have just about stopped us in our tracks. However, I must add they are all potentially positive and exciting. We will divulge more information in future posts (Dreckly).

So after such a week its nice to spend the time this weekend sat in my sunny bay window recounting the events of the week and looking forward with great aspiration to the forthcoming spring. As the year marches on, and the beautiful bright, fresh mornings of March bless us here in the south west of the UK. We have dispatched from the warmth of the kiln, the very last of our winter work, ranging from the literal and pictorial to the crazy abstract, in our pottery decorations. It has been really good to focus on the positive aspects of the cold winter months.

Snapshots of my pictorial to abstract winter ceramic journey

Tessa and I have found it to be really satisfying, to display our work in the windows of the gallery as it comes out of the kiln. We like to think it brings a bit of happiness into the lives of passers by who might otherwise be worrying, about the stresses of everyday life at the moment, or the future weeks /months in our county, and what new hardships or delights it might bring. Although we may well experience some of those emotions ourselves, it certainly helps us to share our work with the wider world and it begets a form of release from those emotions, and the humdrum of lockdown life.

It turns out that Neptune and the sea decided that he would like one of our most recent creations to up lift his week please see article below

It certainly made us laugh afterwards, although at the time Tess was absolutely mortified to see our latest large platter disappear into the surf. I had to actively restrain her from leaping in after it.

We hope with all our hearts that our work lifts your spirits and provides a welcome distraction from what we all hope to be the last throws of lockdown life too.

We would like to leave this post with you in the hope it brightens your day as much as it did ours.

Wishing you all a fabulous and promising week,

Tess and Ady

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