A sad farewell to a legend.

Here we are again at the end of another week, however, this has been a week like no other. Not only is it the last week before our current lockdown rules are lifted to allow the visitation of tourists and the opening up of non essential retail, pub and restaurant outside eating areas and self-contained holiday lets. It is the week that saw the loss of one of our senior members of the Royal Family, 'The Duke of Edinburgh'.

I have to say that he was probably my favourite Royal, as he was absolutely guaranteed to do, or say, something at any given time that would make you do a double take, or as on some occasions happened to me spit your tea for fear of choking!

Besides that though, The Duke was an amazing advocate for the youth of our country, championing many things to help and encourage young people. Such as The Duke of Edinburgh awards, which I myself took part many years ago. He also set up the 'The fields in trust' charity to save our green spaces for recreational and sporting pursuits, and he had a dedicated commitment to wild life conservation throughout the world. The Duke travelled the world more than any other Royal, carrying out duties to the crown and the commonwealth. In my opinion he was a tireless ambassador for all that is good about our country and the commonwealth, a stead fast figurehead and a patriarchal leader that we will not easily forget.

Rest in peace Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, you deserve it but you will be missed.

Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh (1921-2021) R.I.P.

In the week before the Dukes Passing, we managed to get out and about with the dogs and get much making and fixing up of our property completed. We are trying to get ourselves sorted out for for reopening of the gallery to the public. However, we have decided not to open on Monday as many others are, but to wait until the week commencing 17th of May. The reason for this, is that our public space is very small and for people to view the stuff within it, with reasonable social distancing, is difficult. Therefore, we have decided the sensible thing to do, is to wait until step three of the lock down easing. We hope this is not too disappointing for our customers but we like to think that our customers would also rather be safe than sorry too. This will also give us more time to make even more lovely things to fill our shelves. Of course everything currently in the gallery is still available to buy on our website if the 17th of May is too far away for you to wait!

As some people will know Tess has not been feeling her best of late and this week saw the arrival of her long awaited appointment at Treliske hospital. Her procedure went well and we are now looking forward to the return of her normal bouncy self. This has been helped along with some gentle walks in our amazing local beauty spots such as the costal path off of Coopers lane, Porthleven, it is our favourite place to walk right now.

Tess and Tali trotting along the coastal path

who could not stop to take in such wonderful views?

Despite Tess feeling out of sorts we have also managed to get the much awaited bathroom wall built and plastered this week. It will soon have a door and everything. Then i'll have to begin the erroneous task of removing the old and installing a new bathroom suite. It will not be an easy or pleasant task. However, once completed it will be well worth the effort, I'm sure!

Saturday night was a quiet night in for us when we watched a film that starred Tess's 'Uncle Richard', as we affectionately call him. Richard Hope, of Poldark, and most famously for me, 'Hitch hikers guide to the galaxy', starred in the film 'The Village in the woods'. It is a bit of a cult horror, I think, with some great cinematography, and a definite nod to the old Hammer House of Horror films of the 60s and 70s. We loved it and some scenes even made Tali sit up and grumble. Lol. Definitely a must watch if your a fan of old style creepy but arty film making. Thanks Uncle Richard. (its on Amazon Prime for only 99p)

Well, we shall leave you with that eerie image until next week when we hope to have completed many more items in the studio, ready for the gallery opening. Hope you have a great week, keep on making and remember... somewhere a Dog is watching what you are doing. (At least in our place there is!)