Good things pending

Hello and welcome to Glazed Expression HQ once again. This week past has seen us start the preparations for our pending gallery opening on 20th of May. The air in the studio is thick with anticipation, and the wheels both metaphorical and pottery have definitely been turning.

However, Monday was our 3 weekly shopping day, lists where collected from our various pending piles. Tess loves to be organised so there is always many lists of things to do, and things do get scattered around HQ in pending piles as she likes to call them. Once lists where collected we headed out to the shops. We like to buy acquisitions from various shops, rather than buy everything from one supermarket. Tess is great at working out where the best items are, its always more cost effective, once you know which place sells what at the best price. We all love a good bargain don't we? That said, once the shopping has been brought home and put away, the best of a morning is over. So the rest of the day was mostly taken up with a bit of painting and making good in our recently created cloakroom, rather than the hoped for creative day we had anticipated.

(Cloak room looking pretty special)

Tuesday was a much better day for us creatively. We got a nice early start in the studio and great things were made. Not to mention a great little video of Tess creating some dog paw print tiles as a demonstration tool for our take away kits. Tess also did a couple of prints into raw clay. We haven't yet decided to offer this as a takeaway option yet, but it is definitely something that will be available in the Gallery once we open. Tali and Bertie will welcome any dogs who would like a clay print souvenir.

(paw print tiles courtesy of Bert and Tali with a little help from Tess)

On Wednesday we both got stuck into some cane toppers for 'Incredible Edible Helston.' They are small pinch made and thrown ceramic caps (a bit like small door knobs with hollow centres. We have personalized them with the IEH monogram slip trailed onto the top surface for the charity. They will be out of the kiln next week and we hope to donate them to Melissa Benyon as soon as possible. watch our social network feeds for visuals.

Thursday saw us start the day with one of our dog walks at Loe bar. we often take the coastal path towards Gunwallow as we get a great view of the bar, the sea and some epic landscape too. This obviously feeds our creative spirits and fills us with great fresh sea air and vitamin D. Naturally, we returned to the studio full of ideas and the need to make. I managed to finished a lovely earth goddess bottle sculpture that I have been working on for a client. I'm hoping she will make friends with the kiln Gods and fire well. 'Fingers crossed'. Tess made many more tiles for her mosaic projects and she got a couple of good sharing platters started.

(Coastal path en-route to Gunwallow)

Friday was Dentist day for me. It's a time that I used to really fear and actively avoid. However, since moving to Cornwall both Tess and I have registered with Meneage Street dentist (conveniently next door). They have been amazing, looking after both of us amazingly well. I actually look forward to my visits to the hygienist these days. Scott, one of the partners has even commissioned a large fruity bowl from us. So it really does feel much better going to the dentist these days!

(the pretzel share plate - by Tess)

The weekend always seems to come around so quickly these days, and this Saturday was no exception. Both Tess and I got busy making as soon as we could. The end of the day saw us surrounded by freshly made mugs platters and other potential artefacts. So we ended the day with a celebratory curry cooked buy myself. Always a hot favourite in the Barquhar household.

(multiple mugs and a plate that will become our letter 'O' for our shop signage (only 5 more to go) - made by Ady)

Today was the day that artist Nick Knight, his wife Julie, and their two dogs visited the gallery for the first time in a while, to deliver some of Nicks amazing wooden art. After checking out the exiting new stuff they bought with them, we all went for a nice long walk down by the Loe. Nick, Julie and the dogs then headed back up country and we returned to HQ for lunch and then more making. It will be so nice when we are able to invite our artists and friends into the home again. Let's hope the road out of this current situation is bump free and such hospitality will once again be the norm.

(hectic selfie at Loe Bar)

We look forward to seeing everybody soon, best wishes Ady and Tess x