Happy Easter

Our week leading up to Easter started with a meeting with local Artists Jude and Martin. The husband and wife team who live just outside our home town of Helston, create wonderful wooden artefacts and paintings. Martin is a gifted wood turner, and creates beautiful bowls and ornamental objects. Jude is a talented painter, working mostly in acrylics, to capture the amazing coastline local to us. The pair often combine their talent's to create some amazing pieces of art that we hoped to sell from our gallery space. After viewing many wonderful pieces of work Tess and I agreed upon a body of work for the gallery with Jude and Martin. We have wasted no time in putting some of this work on display in the gallery window. We are hoping to introduce more in the website gallery as soon as possible, but we expect it will sell very quickly indeed.

The middle part of our week was taken up with renovation work that really needs completing before the tourist season pics up. We don't expect to have much time for such stuff once the gallery opens so it's high time we got it out of the way. Not my favourite work but we hope to have the worst (biggest jobs on our long list of things to do) completed fairly soon.

working on the bathroom wall

Thursday was spent fetching supplies from Pool, and a long walk on the beach at Portreath taking advantage of the sunshine and lack of people. The dogs loved it and Tali developed a new game of fetching stones for me to throw into the surf. She seems to prefer this to a ball.. such an odd little dog!!

Good Friday is my favourite day of Easter because it's a good excuse to eat hot cross buns until they come out of my ears! However, before I was allowed the pleasure, Tess insisted that we went to look at a new Gazebo for trading at the numerous markets and fairs that we have pinned for the coming year. I am happy to say that the Gazebo she had found for us to view was outstanding, and after some haggling over price, we returned home with it in our van. I then got to feast on Hot cross buns washed down with great coffee, in our recently out of the kiln mugs. What more could a potter want from good Friday?

Easter Saturday was spent with Tess's Daughter and her family. Her chap Jamie, is the head chef at the Coastguard at Mousehole, so good food was high on the agenda. We of course took hand made coffee mugs for Easter prezzies, and a nice long walk on the beach after lunch was refreshing but needed after such a great meal.

Sunday saw us meeting yet another wonderful local artist called Nikki. She makes amazing flowers from discarded plastic found on beaches and in other such beautiful places, undeserved of such litter. Nikki prides herself on creating things of beauty out of such ugly discarded materials. The Flowers and blooms she creates are a far cry from the disagreeable flotsam of which they are born. The plastic is cut melted and bent into amazing and colourful shapes, then painted with bright acrylic paint, and mounted on stems and displayed on wood and in vases. The stems can be bought individually or in ready made displays, see our website for details.

Happy Easter from us both.

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