Happy Father's day

Hello everyone and we hope that you too are having a great #father's day. I haven't posted here for some time, as the last attempt to do so ended up with me losing hours of work. My inability to fully understand technology sometimes costs me dearly, in lost time and temper. So I decided to take a break for a while to save our laptop from certain death!

However, now that I have returned to the mild mannered #potter in the photo above I feel able to continue with our weekly catch ups.

Since last chatting with you, we have had a visit from my two daughters Pam and Pip. They both enjoyed a few days with us and got to see us working in the #gallery and #studio. They where eager to join in, and got involved with some throwing lessons in the studio and some #tile #decorating in the gallery. We also managed to fit in some #beach #BBQ time just for good measure. We were sad to see them leave, but now they know where we are, we hope to see much more of them in the future.

While the girls were here, we were taking part in 'Art Studio Open', West Cornwall, so we had artefacts on display in Jude Kellaway and Martin Mckenzie Southerton's beautiful studio gardens in #Crowntown near #Helston. The weather was kind during the week of the open studio and all of our works were viewed by many interested art lovers in a beautiful setting. Thank you once again Jude and Martin for your amazing support.

No sooner than the garden exhibition had ended, we were setting up stall again in Trengrouse Way car park, Helston for the Helston arts and craft sunday market. We were lucky enough to have our friends Mick and Caroline Adams visit us with there son Donno as well, on the same weekend and they willingly lent a hand to set up our market stall. Once again it was a beautiful sunny #Cornish day and sales were good. Thank you Malcom, Jenny, Dave and all the rest of the team who helped organize the #event. We look forward to many more.

Once we had packed away our market stall and returned to the gallery and studio. We realized that, our next few days, at the least needed to be focused on making more #art. So Tess and I got down to some serious creativity. Tess has been working on her collections of #hearts and labels, while I continued with my Borderlands series of #mugs, #jugs, #vases and #vessels. I really like where some of the ideas are going these days, and this was a great time to immerse myself into the task of #creating.

Mugs, Jugs and even some #lighthouses have been #manifesting from the studio. I hope our work will bring as much joy to our customers as they have to us making them.

Hope you all have a lovely week

best wishes

Tess and Ady

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