Happy weekend before Easter

So this weekend our clocks went forward and British summertime is officially here. It might not feel much like summer right now if your weather is anything like ours right now. We have a covering of white cloud right now and it looks for all its worth like rain is imminent any time. However, it has not been that way all week, there have been a few days of sunshine that we took full advantage of, using the moments to photograph some more of our previous work in the wild. This photo of my Throwdown-esque cheese set (click on the picture to visit the shop), was taken at Stithians reservoir during one such sunny moment.

Good news is on the horizon in both terms of weather and life it would seem. The forecasters have promised blue skies, warm winds and temperatures worthy of any good Easter break. Add to this the easing of lockdown restrictions from Monday, leading to the lifting of national travel ban and the opening once again of non essential shops on the 12th of April. Our wonderful county of Cornwall could once again hum with the hustle and bustle of people enjoying the pleasures our county has to offer.

Now that over 50% of adults in the UK have had their first vaccination, we are hopefully racing towards herd immunity and a return to some sort of normality, we hope. I am not entirely sure what our new normality will look like, but I for one hope it will feel less restrictive than the last 12 months have been.

'my Best happy herd picture'

Here at Glazed Expression HQ, we have used the time last week to work on stuff we hope will fill the beleaguered shelves of our much loved gallery. There has of course been the list of commissions to work through, and the much needed cataloguing and testing of new materials acquired last week.

Tess has forged forward with her pottery take home kits that seem to be going down well.

The 'new to us' Kiln has proved its worth at bisc temperature and we are awaiting the moment we can open it up for the second time, to see how the first glaze firing faired. Tess has used the testing of the new kiln to great effect, having made lots and lots of mosaic tiles using as many of the new glazes as she can. There are also a couple of punk rocker fish waiting patiently in the new kiln. I will share their colourful and hopefully good looks with you all next time.

First tile mosaic

While Tess has been engaged in this worthy task, I have of course been otherwise occupied. There has been talks with a very good local chef about creating a set of huge Chargers to serve a dish called 'Fruits De Mare'.

Now, for those of you who love their seafood as much as i do, you will understand just how exciting the idea was for me. Add to this the fact that the chef in question had approached many other local potters to produce these chargers with little or no take up, what else could I do but accept the challenge.

However, once my heart had jumped at the chance, my mind then started asking the questions like, how big is big, how will I fire big if big is bigger than my kiln, how big can I actually throw??

Well, not one to ever easily back down from a challenge (the Leo in me has got me into more trouble than you might care to know). I embarked on a journey to discover ways of making 70cm plus platters. using huge amounts of clay, and ways of building a kiln that was capable of firing at least eight of these monsters. All of this on a shoestring budget and to make it a viable commission.

Watch this space for regular updates on how this goes, I have titled it 'my very own grand design' but without 'Kevin' to cast the doubt. The process has started with me getting my throwing skills up to speed with huge lumps of clay (12kg). This has resulted in chargers in excess of 60cm by the end of the week and some extensive research into the practicalities of kiln building.

I will of course keep you posted on all progress.

I'm away to check on the kiln,

Until next time stay safe, stay well.

Ady and Tess

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