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Monday morning excitement!

Here at Glazed Expression HQ, Monday mornings are always a bit of an exciting time. This Monday was no exception as it kicked off with one of our favourite things to do, which is wrapping and posting all the lovely things that have been ordered by our customers. It makes for a great start to the week when post day falls on a Monday.

One of the very exciting things to get shipped off this week was a commission plate for a long time friend and customer. The subject matter of the design was not altogether spring orientated. Never the less, it was great fun creating a Nightmare before Christmas inspired plate It is to be given as a gift to someone who had fallen in love with a previous similar creation, but missed the chance to buy it. This similarly illustrated platter will be given as a fathers day present to the unsuspected fan.

We love it when our creations have a good story to them, it feels like we can be part of something special.

(Please excuse the reflective light in this picture, its not white marks in the decoration).

After everything had been packed and delivered to the Helston postmaster, we finished the day with a bit of making in the studio. Brilliant start to the week!

(Fishilicious basking in his moment of glory)

Tuesday started with an expedition to Long Rock beach, to photograph more of our completed work. Tess has continued with her punk fish collection, and Fishilicious was the star of Tuesdays shoot. We think he performed well under the pressure of imminent fame. However, dreckly after the shoot, and true to his punk rock nature, Fishilicious, threw himself to the ground in a tantrum. He maimed himself so badly that he will now reside on the 'shelf of shame' for the foreseeable future. Rest assured, there will be other Punk rocking sea creatures destined for the bright lights, (or at the very least the gallery windows) appearing from the studio very soon.

(Shelf of Shame)

Mid-week was a day of house renovations for me and cushion making for Tess. While I continued to plaster out the newly created cloak room. Tess finished off some amazing cushions with hand made buttons that she designed especially for our living room décor. I think the results are amazing, the cushions where created from material scraps that where sourced from eBay. Some old jumble sale cushions where cannibalized for zips backing and stuffing. Tess made the buttons from leftover bits of clay that result from the cutting of tiles, they also make very handy kiln fillers!!

Come Thursday most of the hard work in the new cloakroom was complete. After a few minor filling issues and a bit of electrical switch and socket re-positioning, we were ready for the woodwork to be completed which meant a bit of testing but nifty architraveing and some head scratching and preparation for bathroom shelving. Does anyone else draw out there ideas on the walls before commencing? I find it much easier than going away to work on paper or laptop, and it means the ideas are there to refer to any time during the project (at least until walls are painted).

Friday was a very exciting day for us, as we were due to take one of my very large platters to be fired at The Sally Tully Studio and Bowji Gallery. We have been introduced to Sally through one of our other artists and friend Jude Kellaway. This little journey started when I was offered the chance to produce some huge platters for a top chef at a prestige hotel on the south west coast (no names mentioned as yet however.. watch this space). Throwing large is my thing but as yet I do not have a kiln to match my aspirations. Not to be put off by a small detail, I decided that I could not let this opportunity to create, something special, pass without giving it a good go. So I have accepted the challenge with the intention of building a temporary kiln to fire monster chargers in our studio courtyard.

Jude who is a friend of Sally Tully, mentioned my intentions to her in conversation, and Sally, very kindly offered to bisc fire my first platter, to help move things along for me while I work out how I shall construct the kiln required for the job.

Needless to say 11am Friday morning was the time that Sally was able to put aside her very busy schedule to meet up with us and take my very large platter to be added to her next bisc firing.

The Bowji Gallery is an amazing little place with lots to see and do, we would highly recommend a visit, if you are ever down this way.

I must say that Sally was a lovely person and an exquisite potter. It was an honour to meet her and I feel my work is in very safe hands. We hope to collect it some time at the end of next week so i'll be very busy sourcing materials, and building kilns most of next week I think.

(Very large platter measuring 61cm across)

Saturday was the day of the Duke of Edinburgh's funeral. So we decided to have a slow and respectful day. We interspersed some decorating with watching the funeral proceedings on TV. We took part in the one minute silence, standing upright with brushes and rollers in hand like a decorators guard of honour. Our reasoning was that the Duke was a practical and hands on doer so would have appreciated the irony of our actions. If there is another place that our departed souls move onto then I'm positive the Duke of Edinburgh will be a welcome addition, and will have the place shipshape and organized in no time at all.

Our thoughts at Glazed expression are with the Queen at this time. May the Gods Bless her, as may they bless you all.

until the next post.

Ady and Tess

(The Queen and Prince Philip)

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