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New year, New rules

So the new year began a couple of months ago, and already we are at the end of winter and the end of February. The beginning of spring is with us tomorrow and here at Glazed Expression HQ, Tess and I are getting ready for the apparently bright new future that the government promises us.

What bright future you say, from the depths of your locked down lifestyle, currently weighing heavy on all of our shoulders?

Our hair is too long (except Ady's as Tess was a hairdresser in a previous life), we have lost our fitness (we had a go at couch to 5K), over eaten and fallen out with our nearest and dearest because we have not been able to get out of the house, or socialize with any other human beings since when we cant remember!!

Well, Tess and I believe there is light at the end of the tunnel in the shape of the latest government road map back to normality. By the 21st of June, we can expect our beautiful county of Cornwall, to be safely open for business once more.

Since setting up Glazed Expression 10th of August 2019, we have only

been able to open the doors of our fantastic Gallery for two weeks before Christmas (2020), and only had a small group of Squirrels through the workshop doors (you know who you are and we can't thank you enough for your support). It has not been the best of starts for a small business.


"We are potters, and we do not give up easily."


(probably seen 300 way too many times) LMAO

Not only have we been continuously doing up our beautiful old building (see our renovation story). We have been working hard in the studio developing new Ideas for products, and exciting new art works to fill the shelves of the gallery to show to all the wonderful visitors and locals in our home town of Helston.

We have also been overjoyed to take the time during the last three lockdowns, to get to know our locality, using our daily exercise excursions with our two dogs (Bertie and Tali), to explore close to home and take in the amazing geology and geography of our surroundings.

These wonderful experiences we have translated into Artworks that we are so very pleased to exhibit in the windows, and display units of our shop/Gallery, and social media posts. These sit comfortably beside all of our invited artists work (see our Gallery tab, Artist tab and Shop tab. This has not been with out trauma as you will see if you catch up with our Merfolk and the sea platter story on social media. However, on the whole this pandemic has allowed us to look closely at our relationship with our immediate surroundings, enabling us as a couple, to take stock of where we have come from, and where Glazed Expression as a creative business would like to go. We have been lucky to have had this chance to immerse ourselves in our surroundings, developing close connections with the land we live in. This almost spiritual connection has been translated into meaningful artwork that we are compelled to share with our gallery customers, workshop students, and visitors alike. Our new Rule for the roadmap out of lockdown is to "Share the love" of the place we now call home.

We wish you all a great journey out of this pandemic, and look forward to seeing you in our Gallery and workshops as soon as we possibly can.

Take care for now.

Tess and Ady

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