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Monday morning started with a #clay #reclaiming session. This is something I like to keep up with on a regular basis, otherwise it can get seriously out of hand. It's not one of the best jobs that a #potter has to do. However, if one establishes a routine with reclaiming clay it is never as daunting as one might think. I like to do this job on a Monday morning as it gives me time and space to consider my week, whilst #sieving, #stirring and #slopping the wet reclaimed clay into buckets, onto the #drying bats and then into bags. Once this task is complete (usually around coffee time) I can stand back and admire the stash of material to use. I use the word material as I am now size #grading my dried and crushed clay (solution to the 'what am I doing with this' post ). Some of it is put into #buckets of water to #slacken down, and be #wedged and used for #throwing or #tile making. Other finer particles, I store and use to #create #texture on the surface of thrown #vessels. I hope to have some good examples of this process ready to view very soon.

(Reclaiming clay, part of the process.)

Tuesday was #kiln watch day for me while Tess went out for a swim with her grandson at #Jubilee Geo-thermo salt water pool It was a bit of a poor show weather wise but both Tess and grandson enjoyed the trip. Needless to say I was more than happy to be left creating, in the warmth of a kiln heated #studio!

Wednesday was full on prep day for the #imminent opening of the #gallery on Thursday. Both of us where completely engaged with cleaning, dusting, and window dressing for most of the day. There were so many new and beautiful artefacts to get ready for the reopening, that we fell into bed on Wednesday night completely knackered. But totally prepared for the exciting prospect of opening the doors to the public on Thursday morning.

(Inside #Glazedexpression #gallery on Wednesday night)

(Thursday morning open day)

Thursday morning could not come quick enough for both of us. Tess and I were up at 6am bursting with #excited #energy. It has been a terrifically long journey to get to the point where we feel we can open the gallery doors properly and safely. Today was that day (cuz Boris says so) and we were feeling on top of the world. To add to the excitement it was kiln opening day and Tess had quite a few orders for her #Herb/Veg markers to get packed up and in the post ASAP. The kiln gods where kind to us (probably as pleased to see the gallery doors open as much as we were, and lots more lovely goodies emerged from inside the kiln ready for posting out or filling shelves.

(Some of Tess's Herb/veg sticks fresh out of the Kiln)

Friday was just as exciting, really as I had decided that we would celebrate the week with cake from our favourite little #coffee establishment 'The Coffee Hut' Helston Tess had a lovely message from one of her #customers thanking her for the Herb/veg sticks she had posted to her, and we had a delivery of beautiful #pyrography pictures from artist Nick Knight So, while Tess un-packed and looked after our customers I made excuses to sneak out and buy #cake. We actually don't eat much cake these days so it was a real treat when I arrived back at Glazed Expression HQ with said cakes.

(a Lovely message received from a happy customer)

(The look of love.....for Cake!)

Saturday was the last day of of the trading week for us and it could not have been better. We saw the kiln gods deliver another great firing and the completion of our ceramic signage for the Gallery #façade (at long last Glazed Expression will have a name :-))

We had lots of very interesting people through the doors and made more sales than the preceding two days together. I was also able to pass on a #custom made #tankard to #Danny #Peacock, who immediately took it down to the #Blue #Anchor #pub to enjoy a few pints of #Spingo from it. I love to see the look of happiness that a well made tankard and a pint of Spingo (or two) brings.

Thank you Rachel Peacock for the great picture and social media share.

We will leave you this week with a picture of our new #trainee #gallery #assistant eagerly awaiting the next customer.

We think she is perfect for the job, what about you?

Bright blessings to you all

until next week.

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