Summer Solstice Blessings

This week we saw the #summer #solstice with our #friends Mick, Caroline, and Donno on #Church #Cove #beach. It's become one of our favourite places to do an evening #BBQ, so we thought it would be perfect for the #solstice #meal. Does any one else celebrate this #Sabbat? we left our celebratory BBQ until the #fullmoon of the 24th, it somehow just felt right to do so, and the days didn't really start getting shorter until the Friday. We spent the evening eating great healthy food, without any of those bready carbs that usually accompany grilled food. Instead opting for lettuce pockets and kebab sticks to aid the consumption of grilled veg, meat and Halloumi. There was lots of stick and pebble throwing for our Talli #dog, Bertie preferred to keep his eyes on the food!, and a bit of #stonestacking to end the evening and commemorate the moment. It was a fantastic time and we can't wait for another excuse to do it again (as if we need one).

The rest of our week was spent mostly helping our friends get things sorted out in their new #Helston home! Yes, you read it right.... Our friends Mick and Caroline have bought themselves a property on the same road as us in Helston. They have acquired through auction a beautiful late #Georgian #property, at the top end of #Meneage street in #Helston. It comprises of a main house with three bedrooms, a lovely bay fronted shop and a small flat. Mick, Caroline, and Donno have spent the week sorting out, and organizing trades, to completely renovate and bring back to life this wonderful old building. They intend to eventually live in the house, and rent out the shop and flat to somebody local. I have a sneaky suspicion that there has already been some serious interest from a person who wants to open a waffle shop... Tess and I are all for that idea of course!!

In the middle of the week we also had a visit to the #GlazedExpression HQ, from my lovely #cousin Laura and her new #husband Tom. It's the first time they had visited us, and Tom was very keen to get his hands into some clay. So without very much persuasion we got busy in the studio making. Tom had not touched #clay since school but made a very fine attempt at #throwing a #bowl. Laura who is quite heavily #pregnant, decided to watch rather than try to tuck over a wheel. However, we all had a really great time and a catch up. We really hope that they can visit us again soon.

Saturday was #Glaze #kiln firing day, and we set the timer for an early firing, to make sure we were able to get out with the #dogs at a reasonable time in the evening. We like to make sure at least one of us is in the building at all times when we have a #kiln on, and we do not #fire over night as it pushes up our insurance premium way too high to do so. So we fire from early in the morning whenever possible. Then we are both able to get a nice walk with the woofs in the evening.

Come Sunday the #kiln was cool enough to open and some of Tess's #wonderfully #colourful #tiles, #plantlabels, #gifttags, #sunflowerheads, and #embellishments emerged. I love to see her happy face when a good firing occurs. Thank you to the gods of the #kiln for this fabulous moment, every time.

All that remains for me to tell you this time, is to have a lovely week ahead and catch you again next weekend


Tess and Ady

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