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Welcome Back.

Porthleven Harbour

Hello and welcome back to the #Blog. I really feel that I should first of all apologise for my absence. I have not #written anything on this blog for quite some time, apart from the many issues I have with our old and temperamental laptop. I have unfortunately not felt inspired to record much, if any of the stuff that has been going on of late, a sort of creative block I'm guessing. However, I have once again felt able to say something that might be interesting to read.

The Shipyard Market

If you have been following our social media pages, #Facebook, #Instagram etc. you will have noticed that Tess and I have had a stall at #TheShipyardMarket in #Porthleven. We feel honoured to have been asked to be part of this exciting new venture which is organised by the lovely Hannabeth Johnson on behalf of The Porthleven Harbour and Dock Company. We were introduced to Hannabeth by some good friends we have made here in #Cornwall, Simeon and Helen Beaton. Simeon (Sim) was our builder, recommended to us by his sister Jo, whom Tess worked with back up in the Cotswolds. Sim helped us with the heavy building work that was needed on our property when we first moved in. Since then, we have all become good friends spending time outside of work making arty stuff and eating great food, a passion we all share virulently.

Sims lovely wife Helen works for #Porthleven #Holiday #Cottages and instantly recognised a possible connection between us and what Hannabeth wanted to achieve at The Shipyard, a perfect concord was soon made.

Ady demonstrating throwing with terracotta clay

Tess throwing in terracotta clay

Since our first outing at The Shipyard on the first day of #September, we have made some amazing connections with other artisan's and crafters. We set out our stall with #Ceramics and associated #crafts from our #gallery. While I gave regular throwing demos on a lovely little #Shimpo style #wheel. The #demonstrations I have done, alongside other talented #crafters such as wood turner David Cusick, have generated a #buzz, and we have gained many new customers to our #workshops and #classes back in the #Helston #Studio/#Gallery. We have also made a few good sales including some of our lovely bowls and sea themed mugs. Thank you everyone who has visited us and or made a purchase. We love you all.

Due to this '#unprecedented' #interest in #GlazedExpression,(I had to use the word as its so popular in the media at the moment).Hannabeth has asked us if we would like to do more at the Shipyard. So we have taken steps to start holding evening #classes/#creative meet up's within The Shipyard Market. There will be sessions of 1 hour for up to 25 children early evening.

Followed by a 2 hour adult session for up to 25 adults,

There are rumours of food and drink being available courtesy of #Radish #Café. Alternatively we will bring a kettle, you could also bring your own drinks and snacks.

*Maybe you could arrange a #birthday #party or a long awaited get together with #friends or #family.*

Ady manning the market stall

So in other news.... You might remember my last post where I told you about my first ever Moon Jar, well, since that initial creation I have been very busy using every spare moment in the studio to practice and perfect my form. It has become a bit of an addiction! Not only am I experimenting with #size and #form. I have been thoroughly entranced by finish and texture, experimenting with #slips, #oxides, #stains, #tools and #method. In my #experimentation, I have created a growing collection of jars that have begun to take on the similitude of #bizarre #planets floating around our studio. I actually quite like the idea of making #planet pots! It is a bit of a move away from 'Moon jars' but those are best left to such champions as Adam Buick, Young Sook Park, and The Korean potters of the Joseon Dynasty.

Planet jars close up (the planets align)

I am quite certain, that my creations although inspired by such #captains of the #ceramic #world, sit more comfortably with the title of earth jars or Planet pots. I intend to put the best of them in a joint exhibition with a great friend and fellow artist Nigel Edwards. The exhibition will take place in The Old Lifeboat House, Art Gallery, Porthleven, Cornwall, and will be for one week, from the 6th of August 2022. We would like to invite you to come along and give your opinion in person?

I look forward to continuing this conversation another time, but for now I must finish in time for a good sunday lunch

Until the next time

Bright blessings

Ady (and Tess)

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