Rachel Clarke

I am in the final year of my MFA at Cardiff Metropolitan University. I am aphantasic, which means I have no functioning mind's eye and so cannot visualise. To reflect this condition my pieces are initially created blindfolded. This removes the usual factors of conscious conception and prior visualisation. I do not plan or visualise in any way the forms that result during this embryonic stage. It is only when the form is revealed that I work on what I see. During the blindfold process my work seems to tap into emotions and sensations which then result in a tangible form; akin to the mind processing events in a dreaming state.  

I work with air drying clay. The pieces are purposely not fired, because to do so would require a degree of planning before this instinctive process of creation and this would alter the whole nature of what is created.

I finish the pieces with oil paints or powder pigments.

I am actively involved with the Aphantasia Network and am passionate about raising awareness of this unusual condition.

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45 Meneage Street, Helston, Cornwall. TR13 8RB

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