Sian Dixon




The Harbour Series


A collection of original watercolour paintings created in appreciation for the beautiful Cornwall and Devonshire scenery that the artist loves to visit. 


Watercolour gives a dreamy feel to the work and the translucency of the paint represents the freshness of the seaside air and the crystal clarity of the atmosphere. The ink adds definition and is used to illustrate the movement from one area of the painting to the next in a non formal, free, joyful and non constrained way. 


Wonderful holidays, harbours, love for the coast and the friendly locals are part of the treasured memories used to inform the artist’s work.


Siân recently completed her Master of Fine Art  degree in 2021 from Cardiff School of Art and Design, as well as having a BA (hons) in Ceramics and a PGCE as an art tutor, also she is currently the resident artist at South Wales Aviation Museum based at St. Athan.


Siân,  has been a self employed freelance artist at ArtSiân since September 2016 and lives by the coast in South Wales. 

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